#3 Methods to Lay Your Floor Perfectly

laying your floor

Three methods of installing your floor.

1. Nail down

Our boards can be nailed direct to joisting or battens. Our 20 mm flooring is structural so spanning joisting is no problem.

2. Stick down

Our floors can be stuck down to either screeded or plywood prepared sub floors. We pay particular attention to the adhesives we use, making sure that they are suitable for the circumstances which may include under floor heating. Typically we favour Lecol and Sika products. As we work we cover our floor with protective card. We are about having pride in our work and care in your home.

3. Floating

We also float some of our products. We consider that using Elastilon is the most successful method of floating our planking. We offer Elastilon in 3 mm and 5 mm options; again this method can be used in conjunction with all sub floors and is permissible over under floor heating.

Our skills and abilities in floor fitting are not just limited to plank floors.

We cover all aspects of Parquet and Pattern work including traditional Herringbone, Versailles panelling and Hungarian Point to name but a few.

We can create individual designs and features unique and individual to you our customer, with signature detailing unique to your floor.
Our work encompasses the installation of laser patterns and features as well as bespoke hand routing.

I hope this helps 🙂

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