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Does Insurance Pay For Medical Marijuana? Will it ever?

The news was spread around the U.S. and now there are thousands of people wanting to get a medical marijuana treatment. But obviously, there’s a big question mark when it comes to “does insurance pay for my medical marijuana treatment?” Of course, there are lots of people worried about that.

Without further delays, let’s go straight to the big question. No, your health insurance does not cover your medical marijuana treatment. So, all these people out there with epilepsy, cancer, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, PTSD, and others have all to pay for their medical treatment.

Which leads us to another question, why doesn’t your insurance pay for your medical marijuana? There are many reasons why they don’t and mustn’t pay for your cannabis treatment.

First of all, depending on your health insurance, the things goes approximately like this: you pay your insurance, you go to a physician that recommends to you a certain treatment and then the insurance pays for this treatment, isn’t that so? Unfortunately, with marijuana, it is not like this, even though in most of the states you need a physician recommendation to get access to cannabis.

The reason why your insurance doesn’t cover your medical marijuana treatment is actually quite simple. Although medical cannabis has been approved in more than 30 U.S. states, which makes about 70% percent of the U.S. population having access to marijuana, the drug still remains illegal on the federal level.

Besides that, marijuana medicines are not FDA-approved drug. So, it is both illegal and has no ‘medical’ value since they are not actual medicines, but products. It is all up to the U.S. government and the pharmacy industry to create a medicine that’s FDA-approved. No health insurance is allowed to cover for a treatment that is not FDA-approved.

The public relations manager at Humana Marvin Hill Jr., a big health insurance firm, said in an email to VICE that “As of right now, there is no FDA-approved marijuana product, and we, therefore, do not currently offer a prescription drug benefit for medical marijuana. If there were to be an FDA-approved medical marijuana product in the future, it may be covered depending upon the terms of the individual member’s drug coverage.”

So, the problem of having marijuana paid by the health insurances depends on much more than if the companies are willing to pay for it. As for marijuana being legalized in federal law, this doesn’t look like it is going to happen just yet. Until we actually put two and two together, this whole health insurance thing will not move forward.

“It’s an unfortunate and less-discussed aspect of the way that we’re rolling out medical cannabis in the US,” said Bob Morgan, an attorney specialized in cannabis law and health insurance. “People that don’t have the resources to pay $200 [to] $500 a month are missing out on access to medication that really could help reduce their pain and suffering…it’s a barrier to access.”

What you can expect for the next few years is probably an advance of CBD-based medications. Cannabidiol is a marijuana compound that contains many of the herb’s medicinal effects, but it lacks the psychoactive effects. Additionally, this compound can be easily found and bought online throughout the U.S. if you go by the rules.

Recently, the FDA approved Epidiolex as a treatment option for people with epilepsy. Epidiolex is CBD-based and it can be used to treat two of the rarest forms of epilepsy.

Besides Epidiolex, there are other medications which are marijuana-based. However, they are synthetic forms of cannabis, and people often claim that has barely any effects. Not to mention it increases the risk of having anxiety and depression.

Until marijuana is approved by the FDA and it becomes legal under federal law, the health insurance will not be able to cover for your medical marijuana treatment. What’s left for us now is just to wait and hope that it doesn’t take to long for it to happen.…


We have been involved in numerous renovation projects and are delighted to have been responsible for several major projects in the capital.

We can lift and renovate existing flooring and pattern work. We are also able to source compatible replacement antique flooring. If needed we can colour match and hand work new flooring to look aged and distressed.
Our reputation continues to grow.

So, from start to finish, we specify the sub floor, supply the flooring, expertly install and superbly finish your floor. We provide maintenance programs with training as well as being able to supply all the maintenance products you will ever need. Advice and assistance is only a call away.

And best of all. If after one year our floor does not look as good as the day we laid it or better, we will replace it FREE OF CHARGE. It’s the best Guarantee available.

The catch! Well there isn’t one. You just need to treat the floor with the care it deserves.

For our commercial clients we provide data and technical sheets as well COSH info. We will write all Specifications where required and furnish prospective clients with any samples needed. If your project requires sample panels then that is what we will provide.

Aged and Distressed Hardwood Flooring:

Aged and Distressed Hardwood Flooring enhances rustic, country style themes, Old World sentiments, or even the eclectic or contemporary bent.

Aged and Distressed Hardwood Flooring adds character and a sense of “instant history” to a room.

Aged and Distressed Hardwood Flooring is the perfect complement to contemporary styling and living.

#3 Methods to Lay Your Floor Perfectly

laying your floor

Three methods of installing your floor.

1. Nail down

Our boards can be nailed direct to joisting or battens. Our 20 mm flooring is structural so spanning joisting is no problem.

2. Stick down

Our floors can be stuck down to either screeded or plywood prepared sub floors. We pay particular attention to the adhesives we use, making sure that they are suitable for the circumstances which may include under floor heating. Typically we favour Lecol and Sika products. As we work we cover our floor with protective card. We are about having pride in our work and care in your home.

3. Floating

We also float some of our products. We consider that using Elastilon is the most successful method of floating our planking. We offer Elastilon in 3 mm and 5 mm options; again this method can be used in conjunction with all sub floors and is permissible over under floor heating.

Our skills and abilities in floor fitting are not just limited to plank floors.

We cover all aspects of Parquet and Pattern work including traditional Herringbone, Versailles panelling and Hungarian Point to name but a few.

We can create individual designs and features unique and individual to you our customer, with signature detailing unique to your floor.
Our work encompasses the installation of laser patterns and features as well as bespoke hand routing.

I hope this helps 🙂…

Rein-Leaf Hardwood Floors – What We Offer ?

We at Rainleaf Limited are very particular about our floors.

We are inundated with daily requests to sell cheap far eastern products at rock bottom prices. However we have never been margin driven, or “stack it high sell it cheap” philosophers.

We love what we do, we adore all the products we sell. If there was a better floor we would sell it.

So with us you have a wonderful choice. We cover the entire spectrum of sizes and styles. What you cannot find are better floors sold by people who care as much as we do. Get quality, beautiful and sustainable Berti wood floors, reclaimed hardwood flooring and ‘aged and distressed’ hardwood flooring from us.

Here’s what we can offer:-

Firstly we are able to supply almost any species you may want. All come in a variety of widths and thickness and most come as an engineered option too.

Our Engineered floors are constructed on a multi-ply backing with wear layers of 3mm to 8mm. These can often be supplied with a factory pre finish of your choice.

We specialise in a range of Aged and Distressed Oak floors from Holland and America, again with solid and engineered options.

The range features stamp or tumbled distressing as well as Hand Scraped and Hand Made options. We have a fantastic colour range from Natural to 17th Century Single Smoked, Double Smoked, Danish Blue, White Oil and our best selling Smoked White Oil. Widths feature up to 450 mm on selected floors and lengths of up to 6 metres.

Our Contemporary floors are from Italy and are available in a full spectrum of colours, species, finishes and widths with very clean grain lines and patterns with many textured options too.

A feature of these floors is the fantastic stability and amazing laser cut inlays and patterns. We are able to create any look and feel to a floor.

We source many reclaim and antique floors, mainly block and pattern flooring, much of which we use in our restoration work. A simple request to us will often lead to us sourcing the floor you desire.

We work closely with our American colleagues to supply to the UK with an amazing range of River Reclaim Heart Pine. We are also able to supply reclaimed flooring sourced from buildings originally built in the 1800’s, part of American history; this genuine Heart Pine creates a glorious floor with its Patina just getting better the longer it lives in your home. Recovered logs date between 200 and 500 years old, these logs are then worked to produce wonderful floorboards.…

#1 Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring in UK

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring is simply beautiful traditional wood flooring.

It often has additional historical value and character which cannot be replicated in modern flooring. Our Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring gives you complete confidence of durability, stability and sustainability.

Reclaimed wood provides the beauty and feel of wood flooring without the associated damages caused by deforestation. Reclaimed wood has a special character which cannot be found in newly sawn timber.

Reclaimed flooring is a fantastic choice for your home, office or commercial outlet.

Rainleaf have unique access to the very best sources from across Europe for reclaimed hardwood floors.

Rainleaf Limited Design, Supply and Installation of Flooring such as Wide Plank Flooring, Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring, Parquet Flooring, Pattern Work, Aged and Distressed Hardwood Flooring in London, Essex, Suffolk and throughout UK.

We are delighted to work with our prestigious partners: Louisville, Multitop, Berti and Goodwin.

The simple way to choose the perfect floor is to contact us.

Tell us:-

  • The Colour
  • The Style
  • The Size of plank or Pattern
  • Preferred finish
  • Budget you have in mind
  • We will do the rest

We can quote via email with advice on all aspects of your flooring including sub floor preparation with supply only or our supply and install option.

You are safe in the knowledge that you have expert advice from people who love and care about all they do.…