Reclaimed Flooring

#1 Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring in UK

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring is simply beautiful traditional wood flooring.

It often has additional historical value and character which cannot be replicated in modern flooring. Our Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring gives you complete confidence of durability, stability and sustainability.

Reclaimed wood provides the beauty and feel of wood flooring without the associated damages caused by deforestation. Reclaimed wood has a special character which cannot be found in newly sawn timber.

Reclaimed flooring is a fantastic choice for your home, office or commercial outlet.

Rainleaf have unique access to the very best sources from across Europe for reclaimed hardwood floors.

Rainleaf Limited Design, Supply and Installation of Flooring such as Wide Plank Flooring, Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring, Parquet Flooring, Pattern Work, Aged and Distressed Hardwood Flooring in London, Essex, Suffolk and throughout UK.

We are delighted to work with our prestigious partners: Louisville, Multitop, Berti and Goodwin.

The simple way to choose the perfect floor is to contact us.

Tell us:-

  • The Colour
  • The Style
  • The Size of plank or Pattern
  • Preferred finish
  • Budget you have in mind
  • We will do the rest

We can quote via email with advice on all aspects of your flooring including sub floor preparation with supply only or our supply and install option.

You are safe in the knowledge that you have expert advice from people who love and care about all they do.…