We have been involved in numerous renovation projects and are delighted to have been responsible for several major projects in the capital.

We can lift and renovate existing flooring and pattern work. We are also able to source compatible replacement antique flooring. If needed we can colour match and hand work new flooring to look aged and distressed.
Our reputation continues to grow.

So, from start to finish, we specify the sub floor, supply the flooring, expertly install and superbly finish your floor. We provide maintenance programs with training as well as being able to supply all the maintenance products you will ever need. Advice and assistance is only a call away.

And best of all. If after one year our floor does not look as good as the day we laid it or better, we will replace it FREE OF CHARGE. It’s the best Guarantee available.

The catch! Well there isn’t one. You just need to treat the floor with the care it deserves.

For our commercial clients we provide data and technical sheets as well COSH info. We will write all Specifications where required and furnish prospective clients with any samples needed. If your project requires sample panels then that is what we will provide.

Aged and Distressed Hardwood Flooring:

Aged and Distressed Hardwood Flooring enhances rustic, country style themes, Old World sentiments, or even the eclectic or contemporary bent.

Aged and Distressed Hardwood Flooring adds character and a sense of “instant history” to a room.

Aged and Distressed Hardwood Flooring is the perfect complement to contemporary styling and living.

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