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Rein-Leaf Hardwood Floors – What We Offer ?

We at Rainleaf Limited are very particular about our floors.

We are inundated with daily requests to sell cheap far eastern products at rock bottom prices. However we have never been margin driven, or “stack it high sell it cheap” philosophers.

We love what we do, we adore all the products we sell. If there was a better floor we would sell it.

So with us you have a wonderful choice. We cover the entire spectrum of sizes and styles. What you cannot find are better floors sold by people who care as much as we do. Get quality, beautiful and sustainable Berti wood floors, reclaimed hardwood flooring and ‘aged and distressed’ hardwood flooring from us.

Here’s what we can offer:-

Firstly we are able to supply almost any species you may want. All come in a variety of widths and thickness and most come as an engineered option too.

Our Engineered floors are constructed on a multi-ply backing with wear layers of 3mm to 8mm. These can often be supplied with a factory pre finish of your choice.

We specialise in a range of Aged and Distressed Oak floors from Holland and America, again with solid and engineered options.

The range features stamp or tumbled distressing as well as Hand Scraped and Hand Made options. We have a fantastic colour range from Natural to 17th Century Single Smoked, Double Smoked, Danish Blue, White Oil and our best selling Smoked White Oil. Widths feature up to 450 mm on selected floors and lengths of up to 6 metres.

Our Contemporary floors are from Italy and are available in a full spectrum of colours, species, finishes and widths with very clean grain lines and patterns with many textured options too.

A feature of these floors is the fantastic stability and amazing laser cut inlays and patterns. We are able to create any look and feel to a floor.

We source many reclaim and antique floors, mainly block and pattern flooring, much of which we use in our restoration work. A simple request to us will often lead to us sourcing the floor you desire.

We work closely with our American colleagues to supply to the UK with an amazing range of River Reclaim Heart Pine. We are also able to supply reclaimed flooring sourced from buildings originally built in the 1800’s, part of American history; this genuine Heart Pine creates a glorious floor with its Patina just getting better the longer it lives in your home. Recovered logs date between 200 and 500 years old, these logs are then worked to produce wonderful floorboards.…